Inaugural Gwaan Hai Blog!

Many thanks to all the encouragers and supporters in my life. Appreciate you!

Dear Friends,

Thank YOU for the smiles, edits, encouragement, advice and from some, prayers. A year ago, I left United Way to volunteer full time in response to the hurt in our country. As my worldview expanded, my heart broke. The pain is unbearable at times and with my faith I eventually discovered how my skills could be used for healing. In the meantime Gwaan Hai, LLC was created on April 18th, 2017. The name came from God being so relational and my Chinese heritage. Pronounced in the Cantonese dialect it means connection; relation. Gwaan hai plays a pivotal role for successful Chinese who focus on inter-business relations first before operations. A fun way for organizations to achieve one’s return on investment (ROI)! 🙂

What is Gwaan Hai, LLC:
~Belief: EVERYONE is a leader for the common good
~Mission: Provide All people with the means to contribute in their circles
~Focus area: Leadership Development – creating curriculums and cohorts for young people and adults
~Focus area: Community Engagement – collaborating to identify strategies to reach constituents and stakeholders
~Focus area: Business Development – assessing current climate to prioritize needs and obtain goals and objectives

This blog will come to your inbox bi-monthly (odd months) with a leadership and community engagement focus.

Expect the following:
~Positive Story:
~Cool Thoughts: Awesome (to me) leadership happenings/thought around the world
~Resources for you: Leadership development resources from me and places I’m biased of ❤

Most importantly, this is a way for you to connect* with each other. Either through commenting on the blog or the FB group.

Wishing you all the best,

Alice 🙂

*Disclaimer – know this is public blog and social media so use your best judgement.